User Management

Manage user access and permissions to your domains

Users in the platform can have access to all of their organization's domains or specific properties, this includes the ability to assign different user access levels per domain.

User List

Access your user list by navigating to the Settings page in the left panel, then selecting the Users tab

On this page you can view all current users, their permissions (access level) and their status (Active, Disabled or Invited).

The following actions are available for each user:

  • Edit: Navigates to the user allowing you to update their details and access

  • Reset Password: Send a password reset email to the user

  • Disable: Remove platform access for this user

If a user is disabled they will lose access to all of their domains. If you just want to remove individual domain access choose Edit and remove the domains from there.

Access Levels

Users of the platform can be assigned one of three access levels based on their role and usage requirements. Those the three options, which are:


Access Limitations


Ability to deploy Notifications and edit opt-in flow, cannot create new users.


Ability to deploy Notifications, edit opt-in flow, and create new users with domain access assignment.

Read Only

Download reporting from Insights section of Platform, no opt-in flow or Notification creating or editing.

Creating a User

If a user needs access to the platform but has not yet been created, an Admin level user or Account Manager can grant the user needed access. Click the Add User button in the top right of the page, you will then see this window, where you can give the user the needed level of access

Follow the steps below to create a user:

  1. Input the user's email address to be used for access

  2. Select the necessary access level both at the Domain level

  3. Click submit and the user will receive an invitation via email

If you need to edit the access level of a current user, you can click the Edit button next to their name and make needed changes

You can assign different user access levels per domain by adjusting the access drop down before adding the relevant domain.

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