Multi-Domain Notifications

Notification List

The organization notification list shows all notifications that have been delivered to domains within your organization including both notifications created targeting multiple domains as well as notifications created on individual domains.

Notification Create / Edit

You can create notifications that are delivered to subscribers of multiple domains within your organization from the Notification Creation page within organization context.

First, choose if the notification should be delivered to all domains you have access to within the organization of choose one or more domains from the Specific Domains pill:

Next, choose if the notification should target all subscribers within each selected domain or one of the shared specific multi-domain segments. Note: Only segments that each selected domain share will be displayed in the Specific Segments list.

The rest of the notification create process is similar to creating a notification for an individual domain.

Notifications created here will also display on each individual domain's notification list including domain-specific stats for that notification.

Customizing Notifications

The landing URL for the notification can be a static URL that points all subscribers to the same domain or, if the URL structure for each domain is the same but you want the subscriber to land on the domain they're subscribed in your can use the {{ domain_url }} macro in place of the domain name in the landing URL.

For example, if you have and domains targeted in the notification and want to send the subscribers to an article at /content/article123 on their specific domain you would enter the following into the landing URL field: https://www.{{ domain_url }}/content/article123 and the subscribers who click the notification will be directed to that page on their subscribed domain.

You can check what value will be inserted for the domain URL in the domain settings section of the platform.

Be sure to use the preview functionality to ensure that the resulting landing URL is correct.

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