Not Getting Prompted

When internal users at a Pushly partner are not seeing the opt-in flow, it is often caused by having dismissed or blocked the Notification opt-in flow. Follow these steps to opt-in.

All screenshots below are using, follow the below steps while on the domain from which you wish to receive Notifications and you’ll be set!

  • Use Chrome for testing

  • Go to your website (the one on which you are using Pushly)

    • If the opt-in flow is restricted to certain sections of the site, you will need to be on one of those pages to see the opt-in flow

  • Depending how your how your team set up the opt-in flow, you should see this white box in the corner of your screen:

  • If you do not see the white box, click the lock icon on the left side of the URL. You will see one of the two menus below

  • If you see this menu, simply change the Notification option to Allow, then reload the page

  • If you see this menu, click the Site Settings option and follow the rest of the instructions:

  • Select Notifications and change it to Allow

  • Return to your site and refresh the page. You should now receive Notifications!

If the steps above don't help, then you might want to check your device settings to ensure you're Notifications are enabled.

Please contact your Account Manager or email us at for additional assistance!

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