Okta Workforce

Instructions for setting up Okta as your Identity Provider

In Okta Admin: Create an Okta OIDC Application

An administrator for your company's Okta Workforce needs to log in to the Admin portal and follow the steps below to create an OIDC Application.

Select Applications > Applications, and Create App Integration.

Select Create New App

Choose OIDC as the Sign-in method. Choose Web Application as your Application Type.

Click the Next button

Enter "Pushly" for for the App integration name

Under Sign-in redirect URIs enter the following value:


Under Sign-out redirect URIs enter the following value:


If you are asked for an Initiate Login URI you may enter the following value:


For Controlled access choose the appropriate option for your organization. Note that the users will still need to be created via the Pushly platform before they are able to log in even if you choose to allow everyone in your organization access via this application.

Click the Save button

On the next page copy both the Client ID and the Client Secret. The user creating the integration in the Pushly platform will need both of these values.

In addition to the Client ID and Client Secret you will also need to provide the Okta Domain. The Okta Domain is located in the top right of the Admin console or you can follow these instructions to retrieve the Okta domain.

Pushly: Create the Okta Identity Provider

Now that you have your Okta Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret you can log into the platform and navigate to your Organization Settings page.

Next, click the Security tab, and click the Add Provider button.

Choose Okta Workforce from the Provider Type dropdown.

The Okta domain should be entered including the .okta.com portion. For example: yourdomain.okta.com

Fill in the Client ID and Client Secret that was generated in the first step of this documentation.

Within the Associated Domains text area enter each domain name that your organization will be using to to log in via Okta on a separate line. For example, if your email address is example@yourdomain.com then you would enter yourdomain.com

Once the provider has been successfully created you can begin inviting users to the platform. Any user invited that has an email address that matches one of the emails provided in Email Domains will be sent through Okta for authentication.

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