Wordpress Integration Steps

Instructions for installing Pushly via the Wordpress plugin

If your website utilizes Wordpress you can skip the manual steps and install Pushly via the Wordpress plugin directory.

Step 1: Install the Plugin

Log in to your Wordpress Admin with a user that has access to install new plugins and navigate to the plugins directory. Click the Add New button to be taken to a list of available plugins to install.

On the Add Plugin page search for Pushly in the search box and then click the Install Now button on the Pushly plugin card.

Once the plugin is installed the Install Now button will change to an Activate button. Click this button again to complete the installation process and then move to Step 2 to complete set up of the plugin.

Step 2: Set the Domain Key

After completing Step 1 and activating the plugin a new menu item labeled Pushly will be available in the sidebar menu. Click this menu item to visit the Pushly configuration page where you can enter the Domain Key provided by your account manager.

After entering the Domain Key click the Save Settings button. Once the page is saved your site will begin prompting visitors to opt-in to web push notifications.

If you are not being prompted to opt-in to notifications after completing these steps ensure you have at least 1 active prompt within the Prompts section of the Pushly platform.

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