The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of the current audience, subscription counts, and Notification KPIs. If you utilize us across multiple properties, you can switch between them by clicking the domain name in the left panel.

The top five boxes on the Dashboard provide roll-up numbers covering:

  • Total Subscribers - The currently available audience for messaging via Notifications.

  • New Subscribers Yesterday - The number of visitors who opted-in to receive Notifications yesterday.

  • Attrition Yesterday - The percentage of your available audience which became unsubscribed/unavailable yesterday.

  • Clicks Yesterday - The number of Clicks your Notifications generated yesterday.

  • CTR Yesterday - Calculated as Clicks/Impressions, this is the engagement rate for your Notifications yesterday.

The top half of the "Performance Overview" section provides data associated with Content (Notification) performance. Hover over a day to view total Notification KPIs. Adjustments made to date grouping and date ranges will effect both sections of the "Performance Overview"

The lower half of the "Performance Overview" section provides data associated with how many new Subscribers you are gathering. The date selector in the top right of the "Performance Overview" section will also adjust the Subscriber data.

The bottom of the Dashboard contains "Recent Notifications", the full list of Notifications can be found in the Notification section of the platform.

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