Common Questions

What are Browser Notifications?

Browser Notifications are content units delivered directly to a subscriber’s device. The appearance of a Notification varies depending on which device and browser combination the subscriber is using at the time of subscription.

Which devices and browsers support Notifications?

Generally speaking, most major market browsers and devices support Notifications. The key exception is iPhones, which have not yet been opened to the browser Notification channel. For a full list of browsers please see the Browser Support FAQ.

How do visitors subscribe to get Notifications?

In order to become a Notification subscriber, website visitors must give the domain they are currently visiting explicit permission to deliver Notifications. In the Chrome desktop browser, this permission appears as a gray box in the upper left corner of the window. The box gives the visitor the option to “Allow” or “Block” Notifications. If the visitor selects “Allow”, they become a subscriber and can be sent Notifications.

Firefox, Edge, and other browsers carry somewhat varied language when presenting visitors with the option to subscribe to Notifications, but all require either an affirmative response in order for a visitor to become a subscriber.

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