Inline Segmentation

Our platform allows you to create and use Segments while in the process of creating Notifications for deployment. If you do not see this option, please contact your Account Manager for access

Using Inline Segmentation

When selecting your audience, click the Specific Segments button. If the Segment you wish to send to does not currently exist, click the Create New Segment option

You will then see the Segmentation tool slide out from the right side of the screen, you can use this tool just as you use the regular Segmentation tool.

Once you complete creating the desired Segment, click Submit and your Segment will be auto-selected for sending. You will also be able to access this Segment again through the Segment page and drop down

Single-Use Segments

If the segment you are creating will only be used once for this specific notification you are creating you can enable the Single-Use Segment switch in the form. Enabling this switch will ensure that the new created segment is only targetable by the current notification you are creating and will not be shown on the Segment List page.

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