Notification Templates

Use Notification Templates to pre-populate assets to be used in future Notifications

Navigate to the Notifications page and click the arrow to the right of Schedule Notification. You will see an option to Create Template

If you use Pushly for both web and app support, you will have the option to select for which channels the Template is intended

Name your Template and provide a description to help identify the purpose of the Template. In this example, we'll create a breaking news template for quick Notification creation and deployment

Input the assets and copy you want to populate when you select the Template for use. In this example, we input a Title and Image, but leave the Body and Landing URL blank so the user can input assets related to the story

Once finished inputting assets, scroll to the bottom and click Create Template

Once a Template is saved, it will appear on the Template list for future use

To use existing Templates, there are two options:

  1. You can go directly to Templates page and click New Notification

  1. From the Notifications page, click Schedule Notification. There will be a new box at the top of the page from which you can select existing Templates

Then input the relevant assets, such as Landing URL and Body, and send your Notification

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