Allows users to set up a series of Notifications for deployment based on configured requirements, including recurring Notifications

There are two Campaign Types from which you can choose: Triggered (Abandon Cart) which is ideal for e-commerce publishers and Welcome Campaigns or Scheduled which can be used to send recurring Notifications to Segmented audience.

Access the “Campaigns” option in the side panel. Click the “Create Campaign” button

Triggered Campaigns (Abandon Cart)

If you're using the Triggered Campaign for the Abandon Cart setup, it requires the completion of E-Commerce Support for dynamic product copy. Users can be enrolled in these Campaigns either at the time of Notification subscription or when they abandon a shopping cart.

After the initial step of clicking "Create Campaign", input the name of the Campaign, the Start Date and End Date (optional).

Select the appropriate trigger and indicate how long you want to wait before considering the cart "abandoned". Once that time elapses, the user will be enrolled in the Campaign. You can also use the Subscriber Entry Cap field to limit how often users are eligible for this Campaign, but that is not advisable for abandon cart campaigns as it will limit sales opportunities.

If you would like to limit this Campaign to a certain Segment of users, you can do so using the Audience section. This works just like Segmentation for manual and other Notification sends. Users who fall within the Segment will either be included or excluded from the Abandon Cart Campaign depending on your configuration. We'll pick "All Subscribers" for this Campaign.

Finally, you can choose to use Quiet Hours which will restrict Notifications from being deployed during the selected time frame, for example, if you do not want users who abandon their cart to get follow up Notifications between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, you would select the following:

Once the Campaign is configured click "Save & Continue" to go to the Campaign configuration. The first step in our Campaign will be to Send Notification, which means once the cart is designated as abandoned, the user will get this Notification.

Through our E-Commerce implementation, you will pass us item data which can be leveraged in these Notifications. Since this is the first Notification in the Abandon Cart Campaign, we'll want to first send the user the "Most Recent" item for the user.

Use the item macros available with any desired copy to design your message.

After you finish configuring the Notification, click "Continue" to save your changes. You can then choose you add a delay and subsequent Notifications or have the users exit the campaign.

There are a lot of use cases and options associated with abandon cart! Reach out to your Account Manager for assistance in designing your ideal flow.

Scheduled Campaigns (Recurring)

Users can be enrolled into these automated Notifications at any time after subscription. Recurring Notifications at your chosen cadence will be deployed to all users who meet the Entry Criteria (All Subscribers or those within a chosen Segment). In our example, we'll send a "Friday Event Guide" Notification to every user within our Lifestyle Clickers Segment every Friday

You can see below we've created a Scheduled Campaign named "Friday Event Guide" which will begin running on Friday, January 7th, 2022.

If applicable, select the “End Date” – this indicates the date on which you want subscribers to stop entering the Campaign.

Since we are running a Scheduled Campaign, we need to determine at what frequency we want the Campaign to kick-off. This means users will be enrolled into this Campaign and begin receiving the content you configure whenever you indicate the schedule should run.

In our example, we want to select a Campaign which checks every Friday to see what users are in our Lifestyle Clicker Segment, then to enroll them into this Campaign.

1) First we'll select a Schedule Type of "Weekly"

2) Then we'll choose to have the Campaign enroll users every week on Friday

3) Finally, we'll need to choose at what time the Campaign kicks-off. In our case, we want to send a guide for a Friday night event, so we'll choose 4:00pm in the Subscriber's Timezone

After you have selected all of your Entry fields, you'll see the Next 7 Occurrences shown on the right hand side. This helps you know when your users will be receiving these Notifications.

Lastly, we have the option to place frequency restrictions on how often a user can qualify for enrollment into this Campaign. Since we always want to be able to send our Lifestyle Clicker Segment the Friday event guide, we'll choose 'May enter this campaign every time it runs'. Your use case may be different.

Since we only want users in a specific Segment at the time this Campaign runs (every Friday at 4:00pm STZ), we'll select Specific Segment, then choose our Lifestyle Clickers Segment.

You can select multiple Segments if applicable. Once you have the desired Segments selected, click Continue.

Now click Save and Continue to go to the Visual Builder where you will create the Notifications to be sent to users in the Campaign. First click on the Entry Conditions box to access the Campaign's entry conditions.

To add a Delay or a Notification to the Campaign, click the plus icon

Since we want to immediately send the users a Notification when they qualify for the Campaign at the scheduled time, we'll select the Send Notification option

Once clicked we can create the Notification just like normal

You'll see the Notification action saved in the flow.

We also want to send our users a "Friday Review" Notification the following Sunday, so we'll click the plus button again and add a two day delay

Then we will click the plus button and add another action to create the Notification

Since this is all we want to send to our users when they enroll in this Campaign, we are done! Here is the final Campaign.

To review, here is what this Campaign accomplishes:

  • Every Friday, any users who are in the Lifestyle Clicker Segment qualify for this Campaign

  • These users receive the first Notification in the Campaign at 4:00pm local time (STZ)

  • Two days later, the users receive the second Notification

Reporting for your Campaigns can be found in the Insights section of the platform or supplied by your Account Manager.

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions on usage, ideas, or would like to be trained on using Campaigns!

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