Allows users to set up a series of Notifications for deployment based on configured requirements.

Access the “Campaigns” option in the side panel

Click the “Create Campaign” campaign.

Name the Campaign something which will help you identify which content program and subscriber group is being sent the Campaign. In this example, we're creating a pre-set selection of Notifications for new subscribers

Also, select the “Start Date” – this indicates the date on which you wish eligible subscribers to begin entering the Campaign

If applicable, select the “End Date” – this indicates the date on which you want subscribers to stop entering the Campaign. Then use the drop down to select which behavior you would like executed for subscribers who have not yet finished the Campaign when the End Date is reached

Next, scroll to the Builder section and begin assembling your Campaign. This begins with choosing which criteria will enroll a subscriber in the Campaign. Click on the "Trigger" rectangle to modify the settings

You will be presented with an editor which functions identically to the Segment section of the platform, here we can identify which criteria must be met for a subscriber to enter the Campaign

In the above example, only visitors who subscribe for Notifications while on a URL which contains "marine-biology" will be eligible for the Campaign

Once you save your Trigger, you will return to the Campaign builder, where you can press the "+" icon to add the next step in your Campaign

You have two options to choose between when adding the next step, they are "Delay" or "Action:

Delay will require a specified amount of time to pass before the next step in the Campaign can execute. For example, after a visitor subscribes to Notifications, we want to wait two days before sending a Notification, so we would click on the Delay option and configure the following

You can also choose minutes or hours, depending on your use case. After you save the configuration, you will see it in the Campaign builder

If you ever make a mistake, you can click the red "x" to delete a step

Now that we have our Delay in place, we can click the "+" again to add our next step

Since our previous step is a Delay, our only option for the next step is to add an Action, which will be to deploy a Notification. This functions the same as the standard Notification creation page

Save the Notification once you're finished and you'll see it in your Campaign

To review: once a visitor subscribes, if they meet the criteria set in our Trigger, the system will Delay two days before sending the "Marine Biology News!" Notification to the subscriber. If we want to add more steps, we simply repeat the process. Here's what it looks like to have another Notification deploying three days later

Once you're happy with your Campaign, click the save button and you are all set!

You can check the performance of your Campaign from the Campaign list page by clicking the "View" button

You also have the options to Edit, Duplicate or Complete the Campaign

The reporting will help you understand how many subscribers have entered the Campaign along with the Deliveries, Impressions, Clicks, and CTR

Please reach out to your Account Manager or if you have any questions or would like to be trained on using Campaigns!