Custom Buttons

Notification Custom Buttons allow you to add up to two additional buttons to your deployed Notifications. This enables you to give the subscribers multiple buttons from which they can choose.

Enabling Custom Action Buttons

When creating a Notification, you will see a "Custom Buttons" option within the Interactions section. First, input your Primary Landing URL as normal and then enable the switch show the Custom Buttons configuration section.

Configuring Action Buttons

Every notification is required to have at least 1 button. Each button has 3 elements to configure:




What occurs when the subscriber clicks on the button. "Open URL" will send the subscriber to the designated page you input. "Dismiss Notification" will hide the notification and remove it from the subscriber's action center or notification tray.


The text the subscribers will see on the notification's button. Customize this button to provide the most appropriate call to action for the delivered content.


Where the subscriber will be delivered when they click the action button. You may choose to use the primary landing URL entered above or disable the switch to enter a URL specific to this action button.

Modifying the First Button

When you activate Custom Buttons, the first button will have the Open URL action with a Read Now label set by default. It will also be set to direct the subscriber to the primary landing URL when the button is clicked. Each of these behaviors can be customized to provide the most relevant behavior for the notification's content.

Adding a Second Button

Press the Add Button option to create a second button for customization. As you can see below, we will use a CTA of Option 2 for this Label

After you input your Label, input the URL you wish to send subscribers to if they engage with the Option 2 button. In this example, they will go to rather than the Primary Landing URL used.

The Inline Preview will show you what your subscribers will see:

In the above example, if the subscriber clicks anywhere on the notification or the Option 1 button they will be sent to the Primary Landing URL. If they click on the Option 2 button they will be sent to

Configuring a Dismiss Behavior

If you prefer to give your subscribers the option to dismiss the notification upon clicking a button, simply change the Action drop-down to Dismiss Notification on Button 2 and update your label.

Changing the Default Button Label

The first button's label is set by your Account Manager by default. You can change this by accessing your domain settings under the Notification tab. There you can click Edit and input a different label under the Button Defaults section.

Remember to click the Submit button before closing to ensure your changes are saved.

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