Multi-Domain Segments

Multi-domain segments are segments that exist across two or more domains within your organization enabling the management and targeting of your audience across multiple properties.

Segment List

The segment list page shows you all multi-domain segments that exist within your organization. The table includes the following columns:

  • Name: The name of the multi-domain segment that will be shown on within each individual domain's segment list.

  • Estimated Reach: The total number of subscribers across all of your domains that match the segment criteria.

  • Domains: The number of domains that this multi-domain segment includes. Hovering over the text in each row will display a breakdown of estimate reach for each individual domain.

  • Created: The date segment was created.

Bulk Adding Domains

When you need to add domains to existing segments you can take advantage of the Bulk Actions dropdown on the segment list. Select one of more segments you want to add domains to and then choose Add Domains from the bulk actions dropdown.

From here you can choose one or more domains to add to the selected segments. Once you've selected the domains click Submit to complete the process.

Segment Create & Update

Saving multi-domain segments works the same as creating or modifying domain-level segments. The only difference is the addition of a component that allows you to choose which domains will be attached to the segment.

Once the multi-domain segment is created it will be available to target from the both the organization notification context as well as when creating a notification on an individual domain.

You can add or remove domains from the segment at any time. When removing a domain from the segment the segment will be archived within the individual domain.

Note: You can only edit multi-domain segments from the organization context.

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