Retrieve Push User ID

For individual user troubleshooting, your Account Manager may ask you to supply your Push User ID

If a member of your team or a subscriber are having consistent difficultly seeing the opt-in flow, getting Notifications, or other cases related to subscriber experience, please follow the below instructions for retrieving the applicable Push User ID (PUID). This information can be sent to your Account Manager for additional assistance:

  • Using the device on which you subscribed or wish to subscribe - go to the homepage of the site on which you are having issues, for example

  • Add ?push_debug=1 to the end of the URL and press Enter. The resulting URL in this example would be:

  • Scroll until you see the blue “Push SDK” tab (usually on the left side of the screen, towards the bottom of the page)

  • Click on the tab and Copy the details and send the information to your account manager

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