Workflow Planning

Every organization is asking their teams to do more with less. Working with Pushly doesn't mean your team must log into the platform every time they send a Notification. Below are some options.

Manual Platform Usage

Most of Pushly's partners assign a user or users to leverage our easy-to-use platform for Notification deployment. Using the platform manually allows for rapid Notification deployment while getting quick access to A/B testing, in-line Segmentation, and various Delivery Strategies. While most features are still available via automation, our platform users enjoy experimenting with Segment mixes and content adjustments

RSS Feeds

Pushly has the ability to ingest any number of RSS feeds and deliver the content to the right audience. If you have multiple, categorized RSS feeds they can be assigned to individual Segments created by your Account Manager. If you have only one feed which contains all your content, Pushly can deploy certain stories to the correct Segment based on the category tags and other factors.

API/Automation and Manual Combination

Many partners end up using a combination of the Pushly API and manual sending. In most cases, partners connect their CMS to the Pushly API for breaking news or urgent sends which need to go out as quickly as possible, across as many channels as possible. The API also supports Segmented Sending. Volume is then supplemented by manual platform usage which targets specific audiences, uses A/B testing, etc.

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