Native App Push Notifications

The first step to sending Native App Notifications from the Pushly platform is to implement it on your site. Linked here you can find that documentation. If you haven’t done so already, please let your Account Manager know you’re implementing Native App so they can enable flags on the Pushly side.

Sending a Native App Notification

To send a Native App Notification, the process will be very similar to what you already know when sending a web-push Notification. In the ‘Create Notification’ page, you’ll see the Delivery Channels listed.

When selecting your Audience, you can hover over the Audience Size in the top right and it’ll show you how many users you’re targeting for each channel.

When targeting Native users via Segments, you’ll need to ensure you create Segments specifically for Native channels. All existing Segments will be defaulted to Web Channel only. See the Segments section below to learn more on Segmentation with Native App.

With the Landing URL, if you are sending to all three Delivery Channels, then you have the option to use a different URL for the Native App sends, if needed.

The Title, Body, and Image will all be the same across all Delivery Channels. The character limits for each device will vary, so keep this in mind when creating your content. Like web-push Notifications, we suggest front loading your Title as much as possible. Body copy allows for more characters than Title.

Native App Segmentation

All existing Segments will automatically have the Web Delivery Channel enabled. To edit an existing Segment to allow for Native iOS and Native Android, the Segment will need to be rebuilt. If you enable/disable a Delivery Channel that has filters saved, you’ll receive an alert about the Segment getting reset and will require you to build out your filters again.

To create a Segment specifically for Native iOS and/or Native Android, enable those toggles and go from there. The filters build out will be the same process as Web.

Multi-Domain with Native Channels

When using the Multi-Domain dashboard, it will function the same as the primary dashboard with the Native App Channels included. If you have questions, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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