Product Updates

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Release Notes August 2021


  • Multi-Domain Notification Segmenting - When using the Multi-Domain Sending tool at the organization level, we've made updates that now allow users to build Segments across multiple domains at once using the same Segmentation builder they are already familiar with. When creating a Multi-Domain Notification, users will now be able to select Segments, in addition to the desired domains.

  • At the organization level, select the Segments tab to create a Multi-Domain Segment. Please note that in order to send to a Segment at the organization level, users must create the Segment in the organization level.

    • Once a Segment has been created at the organization level, users can then send to that same Segment at the domain level, if desired.

  • When building out the Multi-Domain Notification, select the domains that will be sent to and then select the Segment(s).

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions or need access to this tool.

Release Notes July 2021


  • We have updated our Image upload tool to allow for more customization with images. This new tool will allow users to not only upload and crop images during Notification creation, but also add filters, text and general annotations, rotation, fine tune controls, etc. You also have the ability to add “stickers” or watermarks with each domain’s default icon being available as the first option in the editor.

Release Notes June 2021


  • The Notification Content Suggestions feature enables a new action element on the Create Notification form to the right of the Landing URL. Upon clicking the new action, only enabled after a landing url has been added, users will be provided with automatically suggested Notification content such as Title, Body, Image, and Keywords from the provided Landing URL to help streamline the creation of new Notifications using content directly from the desired landing page. If you're interested in having this feature turned on, please reach out to your Account Manager.

In the Landing URL field, click the green icon to the right to open the Content Suggestions


  • Updated the Insights view to include two tabs, one for Reporting and one for Saved Reports management. The new Saved Reports view allows users to managed saved reports with actions: View, Share, Download, and Archive.

Saved Reports management
  • A new filter has been added to allow filtering reports by Segments. This filter works similar to the current Keywords filter, allowing multiple Segments to be selected for filtering.

Filtering reports by Segments

Release Notes May 2021


  • Added automatic refreshing to the notification list. Now notification delivery status and stats will update seamlessly behind the scenes removing the need to refresh the page to get the latest information.


  • Added a None date grouping option so you can view all your Notification statistics without having it broken out by a date. Note- this also requires that the "Scheduled Time" column is not selected

  • Added a new metric Notifications Sent when you are at the "Domain" level - this represents the total number of individual notifications sent. (To exclude Campaign Notification send, Filter by "Source is not Campaign".


  • On the A/B Test summary view, not only will it show the CTR, but also the total number of Clicks for all variants.

Release Notes April 2021


  • The domain settings in the platform have been separated into different sections in hopes of streamlining the user experience. The domain settings associated with each of these are also now separated into their respective tabs.


  • Within the Campaigns UI, you now have the ability to update a campaign’s audience at any point during the lifecycle of a campaign before it is completed. Previously, the audience was only editable during creation.

  • The Evaluation Frequency, previously only on Triggered campaigns, can now also be set for Scheduled campaigns. As with audience edits, the Evaluation Frequency settings can be updated while the campaign is running.


  • A/B Test summary view now shows the percentage of audience for each variant.

Release Notes March 2021


  • Auto UI Refresh - The platform will now self check if it is the current version and trigger a refresh, on next navigation, when out of date conditions are met.


  • Emojis - We have updated the underlying emoji library used to remove lag and improve general responsiveness.

  • Notification Icon Removal Bug - A bug was fixed that caused the icon to be reset to the domain default after it was removed.

  • Multi-Domain Notification Sending- Platform users now have the ability to go to a central place to send the same Notification across multiple domains. Previously, the user would have to go into each domain and create the Notification separately. If you're interested in this feature, please reach out to your Account Manager to walk you through this process.